This blog started out with a wish to see other people on this site, people with whom I’ve interviewed about their .jobs and .. It started out with this premise: I’m currently unemployed, I’m possibly switching careers and fields, so what have people done to get where they are now?

I’ve enjoyed for numerous years a .article called “My Job,” which profiles people and their jobs. The columnist asks the person about education required, best entry methods, workplace hazards, benefits, salary ranges, and the general likes and dislikes of the job. I thought this column was so well written. The questions were brief and concise, and the columnist painted a picture of the person’s job in very well defined strokes.

Ever wanted to be a ? What’s it like “bee-ing” a beekeeper? What’s the pay like? How does one become a beekeeper? Where can I study beekeeeping? What’s the buzz about beekeeping with young people these days?

These are the kinds of questions that the writer asked, though not in those tongue-in-cheek terms. So my goal, while I’m unemployed and when I’m employed, is to interview people that I meet and to ask them about their jobs. Hopefully people around the world will become better informed in preparation for a career transition, or simply for an amusing read.

Vision Statement:

1. To interview as many people as I can about their careers.

2. To publish their responses and opinions on this blog.

3. To provide an ever-growing archive of jobs and people who do those jobs, so that people can see the paths to esoteric and/or mundane jobs of everyday people.