Three weeks into my job hunt. Still looking.

I can’t describe this experience, only to say that my patience level is being sharpened finely. I don’t think anyone in the world actually enjoys looking for work. What’s more is the difficulty of everyday living: life is made extremely challenging without a work-focus that provides structure in our everyday lives.

What should I do today?

Search the job boards. Click apply. Write a few more cover letters and attach my resumes. Wait for that call and iron my shirt in in the meantime. Play with my son for a while and watch him giggle enormously at my antics. Sip a cup of coffee and read an article or two. Order books from the library.  Give my wife a hug and remind myself that work will eventually come. Some time. Have a bowl of canned macaroni and beef, just because I’m hungry at 3:46 in the afternoon. Think of fond and sweet times with family in New Zealand. Edit a few photos in my digital photo collection. (Picasa rocks!) Count the days left until my rent cheque is due. check our bank account balances. Check our stocks in Australia. Check my RRSPs. Close my eyes and move to those beautiful, rolling and pleated green hills of New Zealand.