Here I am, mid-week, getting a little anxious about work. I’m still waiting, yes, waiting for an answer from one of the companies that has had me interviewing and testing for almost a month now. I have another interview arranged for a different position, but the original position which I applied for has yet to come to a conclusion. So I wait.

A friendly recruiter phoned and told me she’s forwarding my profile to a client that is a very suitable match for me. It’s only a part-time position, but I am very excited about it nonetheless. It’s in an environment that I’m so familiar with, doing something that is familiar. Now if only the hiring manager on the client’s end sees my abilities and potential!

I’ve been clearing away some space in my mind for the upcoming applications for Teacher’s College. It’s a lengthy application process, and I think it’s going to require a ton of energy and resources. I think I have a good shot at the University of Western Ontario and Wilfrid Laurier, which would suit me just right. The deadline is November 30th which is very quickly approaching!!

I don’t have much else to write about. Just waiting…