As the title clearly explains, I finally have a job to go to in the mornings. Yes, the drought is over. Having waited what seemed like an eternity, and after kicking myself for turning down work two months ago, I am now so thankful for simply some work and a paycheque for my efforts. I know that God had provided for me and my family throughout this time, and He has shaped me in ways that I can’t articulate fully.

I start tomorrow morning and it feels nice to have work to look forward to, along with the lunches that I’ll have to pack and the mid-morning coffee snacks. I’m sure it’ll be terribly busy tomorrow, getting people’s names, understanding the functions of the job, and getting used to the pace of work.

I met the husband of Suz’s friend today, and he’s been experiencing the same unemployment problems I’ve been suffering from. Frustration, slight depression, disbelief, discouragement, anxiety and worry, not to mention a whole bunch of other emotions and psychological stabs. To make matters worse, he’s a new arrival to Canada from Turkey, and he thinks his English isn’t good enough. I completely disagreed with him, and, not just to compliment him, but to really tell him that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his English. He presents himself in a very professional manner, and he speaks precisely and thoughtfully. The only dilemma he has is the so-called “Canadian” experience, which is a reality for most new arrivals. I have a lot of faith that he’ll find work soon, although it may not be in his field or at the best salary level. But the work will give him a boost of confidence and opportunity to learn more.

Today is also my wife’s birthday, so the prospect of a job comes at an opportune time. It’s so nice to be able to celebrate her birthday together, to spend a beautiful morning at the park, to take pictures of her that will bear memories of this special time in our lives forever. She is such a beautiful person in so many ways, and I’m thankful that God has joined us together. I don’t know how I could have survived this time without her support (though I’m sure God knows that, too). She is truly a blessing from above.