I think a lot of my time at work is spent in repetitive-repetitive-repetitive-repetitive key strokes and mouse clicks, entering information and data into a centralized database system. As such, I have much time to contemplate things and put my life into perspective. I often visualize things I’d like to do in the future, though visualize may often be mistaken with fantasize. Then there are times when I’m thinking about past events, things that I did or should have done, and wondering. Yes. A lot of wondering happens throughout my day.

Trusting God has been so important for me these days; equally as important as trusting God when I was unemployed. I think the hard part now is trusting God’s placement of me in this situation, and knowing that He’s got the best for me in His plan. Yes, I have choices to make and I am free to make them. And yes, I should use wisdom, discernment, prayer and petition in my decisions. Each day I go to work and ask God to show me what I’m supposed to do, who I’m supposed to encourage or minister to, and how I’m supposed to go about “living the talk.” It’s hard, I must admit, to love those who simply don’t acknowledge your presence. But God’s shaping me there, too.

I’ve been reading a pamphlet from RBC Ministries about finding satisfaction from your work, whatever the kind of work you do. In my situation, even the trivial tasks and repetitive-repetitive motions are still ways in which I can honor God. I think it’s not simply the actual fulfillment of the motions, but the attitude in which you do it, and the people whom you may affect. So, I’ve noticed that although it’s not something I’d like to do for the rest of my life, I know that in this transition, God’s got exactly what I need to do in mind, and I need to submit and honor God .  God’s always working at your workplace:  on people around you, on situations, and perhaps most important, you.