One day I decided that I wanted to keep a stat on how many cups of coffee I could get out of a 200g bottle of my favorite instant coffee. I kept a simple scrap piece of paper on the fridge next to the stove, and every time I had a cup of coffee I recorded the number on my list. I finished the bottle of coffee today and I had recorded 62 cups of coffee, with probably 3-5 unrecorded cups.

The cost per cup is $0.064, excluding the sugar and milk/cream.

Based on this statistic, for the price of one small cup of coffee from Tim Hortons, I could have 17.8 cups of instant coffee. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “who wants to drink instant coffee?”

Well, I actually don’t mind instant coffee in the mornings. For starters it’s quick and easy, with no fuss, no filters, no plungers, just spoon it in your cup. In addition to the simplicity, I get “real” coffee at work for free, so why spend unnecessarily on coffee?

I’m not sure how many people have ever had an investment go 17 times over, but this simple home economics experiment is a real eyeopener: for us, at least!