I had a one-month-check-in today at work, which means my supervisors wanted to speak to me about my work, progress, thoughts, and situation. Because I’m only on a temporary contract with them, they wanted to see a little further beyond the horizon, and see what kind of time frame they could map out for me.

Much to my delight and praise to God, they stressed how impressed they were with my work. I explained to them that I was thankful doing the work I was given, of going beyond my duties and performing at a much higher level than expected. And I suppose I owe this to my desire to live a life of faith at work and at home: doing whatever it is that’s before me, and doing it as if I were serving God. Heard that before? I’m sure you have.

I think it’s easy to listen to stories, but it’s much harder to actually do it every day. There hasn’t been a day yet where I’ve felt bored. I probably owe this to my desire to always have something to do or follow up on. But I think this is a good indication of where my eyes are: they’re on God.

Remember when I wrote about feeling like I was underemployed? Well, these days I don’t feel underemployed. I feel it’s just about right for my level of knowledge and experience with the institution. I’m making good use of my skills, experience, and qualities, to help and influence change in the department. And my attitude, one that wants to bring all glory to God, is to keep my eyes on Him and let Him do all the work. My accolades are nothing compared to His radiance, so I say let Him shine each day.

If you’re unemployed and trying to figure out where your life is headed, I can only encourage you by saying that God is faithful. He is truly faithful. He sustains us in this life, even when we think He’s a million light years away. He cares for us even when we think we’re in a cave, deep, deep underground. Because He is love, and because we are born again in the spirit through Jesus, we can draw from that endless well of love. Don’t be discouraged today if you don’t have work. God has something for you. It may not be what you expected, but He’s got something for you to do.