I happened to notice that a lot of readers are coming to this site using search words about “good attitudes for work” or “godly attitudes for work” or “god and work and underemployment.” 

As it’s now Sunday here in Toronto, I feel as usual on a Sunday evening at around this time: a little sad, a little lamentful of a weekend gone and past. With daylight savings in effect, the 5:43 PM light seems so strange to me, and I’m starting to pray that my attitude would be godly tomorrow morning. I’ve had two nights of mild anxiety over work. I know that a lot of my anxieties can be sourced to my sinful pride.

Pride always wreaks havoc in our lives, as all sins do, and I know that whatever it is that I’ve been so anxious about, or displeased about, it usually boomarangs back to my prideful self. I get anxious about my underemployment, my image as an underemployed and overeducated employee, my worry about not having work, my worry about having to reveal what I do for work. The thing is, once the eyes are off God, things turn ugly really fast.

I have work. I get a pay cheque. I live simply and frugally. I have no debts. I have a loving wife. I have a son who is often an exclamation mark each day. I have money in savings and investments. I have a warm apartment to live in, clean sheets to sleep on, hot water to take a shower, food in the refrigerator, filtered water to drink, and clean and pressed clothes to wear.

So why do I fret?

Why do I ignore these blessings and focus on things that are merely feeding my pride?

I don’t have a firm answer for you. I know that thanksgiving, a grateful heart is a cure for pride, or at least its kryptonite. I can wail away and sulk in my own sense of pity, but nothing’s going to change the fact that I’ve been blessed with so many things in abundance!!! Yes, I don’t have X, Y, or Z, but look, God’s already given you A through to V! What is it that you want, and why do you want it?

More money. A better job. More status. A car.

These are soooooooo self-centered, especially since I wrote about the depression I felt when I didn’t even have a job. And now I secretly (now openly) want these world things.

If you would, please pray for and with me. Pray that these worldy things, though not bad in and of themselves, would not become my idols. Pray that I would have some perspective on these things. Pray that God would provide these things IF required in my life, and pray that I would learn to live with God’s complete guidance in my life. This means that although I don’t have that car or that great job, that I have a reassuring and familiar presence in my life: Yahweh, or God with us. He knows what I need, and He’ll be the one to provide it.