A constant theme in my life, one that’s not particularly healthy, is that of worry. I worry about so much these days, and it seems as though I’ve placed or accepted too much pressure on my shoulders. Fatherhood has given me much more to think about each day, and I find myself so stretched for time.

I worry about job security, even though I know I shouldn’t. First of all, it’s fleeting. Work today, no work tomorrow. It’s possible that I won’t have work tomorrow. God knows this, and I know that God knows this. But somehow, I worry about not having work, about finding work, about retaining work, about doing better at my work. Shouldn’t I simply be handing this over to God, and say, “Hey, um, God, can you handle this all for me?” And He does!! That’s the point.

I find myself worrying about Teachers’ College applications and getting into a university. I keep asking myself, what am I supposed to do if I don’t get in? How am I supposed to figure things out from there? Again, the answer is found in God, but I fail to search for the answer there.

I worry about money. I worry about finances. I worry about having too few resources to get things done. I worry about three to six months down the road: will I have enough then?

And the simple answer is, yes, I will. How do I know this? I have God’s promise. He will never leave us, never forsake us. He always provides for his people. I know this as a work in progress, and I have faith in this. But how great is my faith? I must admit that at times my faith isn’t very big. Sometimes my faith gets overshadowed by my worry, and in effect, by my own sin.

If you’re worried, like me, there is only one saving solution. God. His word, His love, His embrace.