After I finished lunch today, I happily opened an e-mail in my personal hotmail account. It was an e-mail from an Internet surfer who happened to come across my blog. He left a comment that needed to be approved, and I could only smile as I read the comments. The reason is that all the memories from about two months ago came flooding back in my mind.  At that time I felt so helpless, so confused, and my outlet was blogging (and prayer).

Now that I have proof that someone has read it and enjoyed it, the comment brings a new dimension to my blog. Knowing that some people at least read what’s on the page is enough to keep me writing, just to help that one person who’s struggling on a specific day. To read that someone was encouraged is enough reason to write. As some Christians have remarked, Jesus would have left 99 sheep behind to find the one stray one. That’s a beautiful image of who Jesus is.