It’s incredible what kind of search words leads people to my blog.

Unemployment depression. Menial tasks. Underemployment. Worry and work. Mundane work.

Most of the search terms are about work or unemployment, depending on which side you’re on. Because I started this blog while I was unemployed, a lot of the writing is about that period of unemployment. Interestingly (I hope), I was able to blog the transition to having work, and then the blogs about underemployment started.

Here I am now, fully employed, a new contract signed and rady to go in two weeks, with a heart full of optimism. I know that there will definitely be times when I feel like the job is so boring that I’d rather watch the liquid paper dry, or that my talents and skills aren’t being used to full capacity.

But I don’t doubt that I’m in the position I’m at for a purpose. I can’t explain fully how I ended up here at this job, knowing the fact that it’s worked out so perfectly. I persevered through the mundane and menial tasks, the low pay, and sometimes the heat of shame. I faced whispers at work, blank stares and cold shoulders. But nothing stopped that sense of peace inside me (OK, sometimes that peace wasn’t always there!).

Keeping up with mundane work is largely about being able to keep your head down long enough to accomplish your work. I think every job has its tasks that we’d rather do without. We can think of thousands of other things we’d rather be doing with our time than reptitive key strokes on the numeric keypad. Yet, at the end of the day, being able to separate yourself from your work, and to come home to see a smiling child or be held in the warm, loving arms of your wife, and knowing that you’ve provided a pay cheque for the household, is probably enough reason to go back to work the next day.

Yes, there will be times when the job is no longer mundane, and you find yourself suitably challenged. Those moments when you’re able to shine and enjoy doing something engagning, make all those other hours of mundane work purposeful. If you’re trying to find purpose in your 87th hour of mundane work, don’t give up! There is always purpose to our lives.