I’ve been writing about unemployment, underemployment, contract employment, and now full-time permanent employment, and I think I’ve seen clear evidence of God’s provisions throughout each stage over the six months. I’ve gone from fervent prayer for provisions, blinded by my own unbelief at times. I’ve seen answers for our prayers from unexpected places, answers that would keep us “buoyant” throughout my period of contract employment. And now with a permanent role at the company with full benefits, what I thought would be a bigger pay cheque is actually just the right amount we need to live on.

My wife and I keep a daily spending diary so that we can track our spending habits over the month. We have known that we were spending about $400 to $500 dollars more than my income each month during my three months as a contract worker (basically a full-time temporary employee). Even though we are extra careful with our spending habits, meticulously recording our purchases, the $400-$500 dollars is just the cost of a three-person household, with infant needs. Now that I’m on a better salary–and I’ve celebrated this in my blog here–it looks like the extra monthly salary covers that amount we’ve been using from our savings.

My point is this: God gives us what we need to live. He has never promised us world riches, six-digit incomes, or mansions to live in. Rather, He states so clearly that He looks after the birds in the air who do not toil for their food. As His children, we are so much more important to Him than birds, and will He not, then, provide for us?

Stated a different way, but also paraphrasing from the Bible, what kind of father would, if asked from his child to give him something nice, give him a piece of coal or rock? Our Father in heaven, then, hears our prayers, knows our needs, and by our faith and prayers, we believe that He will always provide a way for us.

I’m not sure how many times I’ve written that in my blog, and I’m not certain how many times I’ve thought of it over the past six or seven months. More importantly, what I am sure of is how many times I’ve seen its fruition. God provides. Simply put, clearly seen, and truthfully stated.