The sermon today had this great, simple, purpuseful and meaningful question as the central focus: Where are you? We all know that God asked Adam this from Genesis 3:9; we also know that God didn’t really want information concerning Adam’s whereabouts, for, as God, He knew exactly where Adam was. God wanted Adam to have some time to reflect on this question, to come forward and let his heavenly father know where he was. God asks us the same.

God wants us to quietly go over our relationship with Him, and our relationship with His word, to see “where we’re at” in this life. We can be easily distracted in our day-to-day “busyness” that our relationship with God no longer matters, and we get lost, either unintentionally or on purpose, onlyh to hear that simple question from God, “Where are you?”

One really important step that I learned in helping me each day is to not only read His word, but to have a plan to read His word. You see, we can always say we’ll do something, but without building a plan and then acting on it, we don’t get further than merely saying we’ll do something.

Similar to questions of “What am I supposed to do?”, this question convicts us to reflect on our relationship with God. It doesn’t ask of God, as in asking for something through prayer; rather, it asks us to look deep into our own lives to see how we can be closer to the God we’ve placed our trust in.

The pastor also noted that Satan asked Eve a rather simple question as well, only that his question was one that tested her faith in God. Satan asked, “Did God really say that….?” Of course Satan knew that God had said,. “Don’t eat from that tree.” But Satan wanted to test Eve, just as he often wants to test us in our lives.

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” Yes, God said don’t do such and such, as clearly written in Scripture. And there’s no way to know unles you’re grounded in Scripture; and there’s no way to become grounded in the Word unless you’ve got a plan to read the Word.