Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve been praying for something (all the time thinking that it’s not even a remote possibility) and then it happens. It shows up at your doorstep. It appears on your desk. It manifests itself in your bank account. The cheque arrives in the mail.

We’ve been praying about funding for school next year. We’ve got enough to live on, and we’ve never been without. And we know that God’s going to provide for our needs in ways that He wants to, whether it’s in abundance or just adequate. But we were thinking about where the funds would come from after government loans have been used up.

Well, our funding arrived: twelve years later!

When my grandmother passed away twelve years ago, she left her grandchildren an inheritance. Not a huge amount, but significant for our modest lifestyle. At the time, it wasn’t given to us, so I never thought about it.

Here we are twelve years later and, as it happens, we’re praying for funding for the next 14 months as I go back to school and we live on zero income.

God answered.

I don’t know how or why God answered, but I see it as a great blessing and answer. I’m not sure how else to interpret it, and I’m thankful. Deeply thankful.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and mind, and lean not on your own understanding. His blessing overflow.