Since the last time I wrote, I’ve done so much already:

I’ve moved to a new city with my family.

I’ve started my studies.

I’ve entered the elementary school classrooms.

My wife may be pregnant.

I’ve seen the stockmarkets cheer, collapse, bounce, collapse, in record rises and record falls.

Isn’t life funny? We get to see so many things go by us, or come alongside of us, that it seems strangely surreal. Without God holding it all together, how could I possibly fit into this grand scheme? (There’s a YouTube video/animation that realy brings home the point here:

I’m excited at what may come in the next few months. So much to look forward to, yet so many changes taking place as well. I trust that God’s got it all under control, and I’m praying that He would give me the directions to navigate the next few months. I certainly don’t know how it’s supposed to turn out!