I heard a great sermon this morning and I thought I’d share this gem with you. We’ve all heard about how we’re broken: deep down inside, none of us can say that we’re completely whole. When we accept Christ into our lives, we realize how broken we once were, and we accept the potter’s clay to mend our lives.

Imagine, then, that you’re a cup, one that’s broken, but has a few cracks down the side. Imagine that you try to fill that cup with things: money, success, food, situations. Also imagine that when we meet our spouses, we try to fill each other with our own wants, desires, and things. Sometimes we expect our spouses to fill us with certain things as well.

But we notice that as we fill each other’s broken cups, it never fills up because it leaks out the cracks; our broken cups can never be filled.

However, if we approach God’s life-giving waters, will we not see how the cup is always filled so that it overflows (not just leaks and spilling). It overflows because God’s the only one who can make it overflow. Our spouses, friends, family, can never fill our cups enough to make it overflow. We always remain thirsty, in a sense, and until we approach the well, we have no way to quench our thirst.

The message today spoke to me in that I think I try to fill my own cup with things that never satisfy, and I expect my wife to fill my cup as well, which never satisfies. The image of the cup that leaks because of our brokeness is a vivid image for me; even more powerful is the image of the broken cup immered in living waters.