My son has recently started to do puzzles, ones that are just at the right level for him. There are 28 pieces, and the pieces are big enough for him to handle, and the pictures are vibrant and fun. He enjoys sitting on the floor and putting the pieces together, taking his own sweet time matching pieces together.

He has learned to ask himself, “Where does this one go?” I couldn’t help but think of how often I ask myself that question in a similar way, trying to figure out the puzzle pieces of my life. I wonder where this experience fits in, or how it all combines to make a grand picture that God’s made for us.

I suppose I should be more like my son, just sit happily and put the pieces together until that time (or day) when it all comes together and we can all step back and see what the picture loks like. Even though there are pieces that don’t seem to fit, or don’t seem to match, I’m sure they still belong in the greater picture.