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You come across a new application every once in a while that really is the coolest thing you’ve used in a long time. I’ve used Picasa for many years now, and their latest collage function is great. However, wait until you see Shape Collage (

Shape Collage is a free download that allows you to quickly create mindboggling collages with hundreds of your photos. You can make collages based on existing templates, or you can use a “draw”function to make your own coold designs. It is a great, great, great application.

The free version puts a watermark at the bottom of the finished product, but the full version is $25. I haven’t bought it yet, as I’m still testing out all the functions for the free version.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


I got this link from a friend and it’s a great, meaningful video, done in a slightly humorous but serious tone. The video is told from the first-person, and it tells the tale of a person’s addiction to video games from an early age. He eventually lost his marriage to his addiction.

I can think of many other time-wasting addictions that we all have. Being intentional and meaningful with our time is not always a priority, but this reminder tells us it should be. I say well done!

Here is the video.

Wow. I just found this Chinese Lion Dance competition video and was absolutely amazed.

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