It’s a simple premise: in a short essay state what you believe. It can be about life, love, the journey, success, death, marriage, birth, seasons, anything. The statement changes, but I think it makes it’s mark on the Internet, publicly, out in the open for all to see. It focuses your attention on the things that you truly value, love, trust, and utimlately believe in.

So, here it goes.

I believe in God. My life has no meaning without God. I trust and have faith in Him, and I know that He loves and cares for me.

I believe in love, marriage and family. So thankful I am of these three that I know it must be derived from above. So precious are family members that I ought to appreciate them every moment I have with them.

I believe in working hard at whatever job, task, or challenge is in front of you. Even when the job doesn’t seem to fit, do it with passion and discipline. When you’re looking for work, don’t be discouraged, for that is the challenge of the season. Take the challenge, pray for strength, and go forward with passion and vitality.

I believe that life has both one purpose and many purposes. Even though we might not know ahead of time what the purpose is, and we dig our feet in trying not to budge, I still believe that the purpose of life is there. Like fitting a puzzle piece into a larger puzzle that we don’t know the true image, we shouldn’t stop putting the puzzle together.

I believe in love. Love is what enriches, strengthens and sustains us. It completes us in joyful times and comforts us during difficult times. Love mends, cures, surprises and embraces us. It can overwhelm us sometimes, and it speaks to us often. Celebrate the love that you are blessed with!

I’d love to hear of your own story. Leave a post if you’d like.