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When we go through difficult times like unemployment or trials, how do others view us? Do they see a person of faith, or do they see a person of worry?

I came across thisquestion today, and I have to admit that a lot of the time, I’m not exactly exuding faith. I find myself shying away from conversations or pulling away from relationships.

Inside I know that God’s in control, but outside I probably don’t show that. That would probably tell me more about my internal life: perhaps I’m not as sure that He’s in control.

We are never alone in our times of trouble, despite how alone we might feel.

One other thing I learned today was to explore the idea of making a blessings journal. Start writing down all of those things that you count as a blessing in your life, and take that time to thank God for those things. It can become a point of conversation and growth for a family, and we can also look back on the blessings to see how God saw us through our seasons of change.


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