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I’ve created a new blog called, “So What Are You Going To Do Now?”  Please do visit and leave a comment if you’d like. It’s very similar to this blog, but I decided that I’ve move away from the “What do you do?” theme to something dynamic. The blog title indicates that ‘we all have potential: a potential to move, a potential to decide, a potential to do.


This too shall pass!

It feels like an eternity sometimes, especially during those long nights of insomnia, but eventually you will find a job. The season that you go through will change, you will transition, blossom, and be fruitful once again.

When you go through a season of unemployment, it’s common to hit a brick wall. What I mean to say is that you often feel as though you’ve hit a brick wall, having exhausted all of your search resources. I might add that some feel this way in other areas of their lives.

When you reach this point, it’s hard not to fall victim to the fear, the worry and anxiety. This may stretch to mild depression and low self-esteem.

One thing I do know is that today is a brand new day. I have the entire day ahead of me to enjoy. Fresh air to breathe, I still have food to eat, and I can make myself a wonderful cup of tea or coffee. For my own sake, I need to remind myself that there are things beyond my nearsightedness that are more important, more worthy of my focus. Being nearsighted is such a common ailment when we hit that proverbial wall, but eventually we find a way over or around that wall. Once we’ve cleared that wall, we realize that we had placed far too much of our energy into worrying about that wall.

God help us to overcome.

God lead us around that wall. Strengthen us for the journey.

One blessing in disguise during this season of unemployment is having the chance to see my son attend his first day of kindergarten. What a great memory to have, rich with emotions of the transition. I’ve only had two opportunities to pick him up since, and it’s always a gift to see him running out the door, searching, and then seeing me. He runs into my arms for a hug, and I soak it all up.

I think of the people I see on the streets who are struggling with many different life issues: addictions, homelessness, deep depression, hunger, mental health problems. I don’t compare myself, but I can’t help but think how I’m still in God’s mighty grip. I have food to eat, a loving family, a roof over my head, plenty left to offer the world, and I’m still positive about my job search.

Here’s praying that you’re still looking up to the one who sustains us all.

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