We had such a nice Thanksgiving weekend despite my unemployment woes. It was nice to be reminded that enjoyment of life is not entirely dependent upon having a job, and that the provisions for me and my family are still here. I’m thankful for friends and family who uplift us, encourage us, and keep my heart smiling.

The sermon at church on Sunday was from Psalm 103:2, which by some extraordinary feat of memory (I’m usually terrible at memorizing verses), I’ve managed to memorize this one: “Praise the Lord, oh my soul. Forget not all His benefits.”  So fitting for me as we were able to experience all the provisions and blessings of the weekend.

I’ve managed to send off more applications this morning, but I’m still hoping to make some kind of connection with someone in person (who might be able to connect me with another person). I realize that statistically, the e-mail application process is dismal, but I’m still not sure what else to do. I’ll be volunteering soon, and I’m sure that will help me to be fruitful.