Sitting here in the library on a beautiful sunny autumn morning, the sunlight streaming in, I’m watching a mother teach her two young boys. I observe the children’s faces as they learn, concentrating, struggling, achieving, looking for praise and reinforcement. Smiles of accomplishment. The mother smiles and laughs to celebrate with them. The weight of unemployment is a hard one to bear at the best of times, so it’s these brief moments of respite and re-focusing that help me. My life is not merely this weight on my shoulder. My life consists of so much more, so many more possibilities, so many more experiences. I imagine my own children learning, growing, taking the world in, one letter at a time. That macro view of life puts things into perspective. I would also add that we need to see our lives in the moment as well. Each moment we have to live is a moment to make an impact, to encourage, to live a life that’s worthy.