It’s hard not to have this question on the tips of your tongue when things go badly. You hit that job search brick wall and out comes that thought. Why me, God? How come that guy’s got a job and I don’t?

Or you suffer a loss in your family. Or you miss out on a promotion. Or you get fired from your job. Or your health fails you. Why, God?

I have no answers for this question, mainly because I’m usually the one asking the question. Deep down in me I know that God’s got it all under control, and His ways are much, much better than my ways. His plan for me is one to help and prosper me.

Asking the question offers some relief to the worrying soul because it reaches out to the God who loves us. The question makes contact with our creator. And thus, by asking the question, we can try our best to keep that relationship going. No relationship can ever survive without questionning, conversation and dialogue.