I know a lot of you are waiting………….waiting for an answer, for a decision, for a blessing, for an idea, for some green shoots, for work, for family, for healing, for the pain to end, for the suffering to cease, for a letter in the mail, for a delivery, for a birth, for a death, for an announcement.

Waiting is so difficult, and I continue to wait for my own prayers to be answered.

The past few days have been incredible. On Friday, I received a significant amount of money that came totally unexpected. I had been praying, worried sick about what might happen to our finances. We had just converted some American dollars to Canadian, and I was mentally preparing to sell off part of our investment portfolio. I had felt so desperate that I applied to all and any job that I thought I might be able to do and still feel okay about doing. In that regard, I got an interview and there’s a glimmer of hope that I might get some work in the next few weeks.

I don’t know how God works. I know nothing about His omniscience, power, or grace. I have, however, felt his grace in the two occasions Í mentioned above.

When that moment comes, after waiting, worrying, and wondering, it’s an awe-inspiring moment. I can only think of how silly I’ve been to worry about everything, to think that God had forgotten about me and my family, and to entertain all the negative and self-destructive thoughts. God cares, simply put. He is so, so, so much bigger than our little problems and worries. I encourage you to keep looking up to God.