I love September: the start of school for millions of children (including my own), the start of cooler weather and autumn colours. It’s a time of the year that, like the first days of spring or the first snow fall, remain deeply engraved with vivid memories from both childhood and adulthood.

I haven’t written much in the past few weeks, owing to a completely and insanely busy season in my life. Life has been moving ahead so quickly, and I’ve been–by the grace of God–able to manage 16-17 hour days, two jobs, a university course, family, and further job searches. I know that God’s going to give me the time and energy to do what I need to do. My body has started to weaken, and on Saturdays like today, I find that I need a good two-hour nap to reset every cell in my body.

The future is much, much brighter than a year ago. I’ve made some good connections with people, and having finally gotten my foot in the door in the field that I’ve long wanted to be in, makes all the waiting, effort, stress, frustration and worry worth it.

A new season is fast approaching. I’m praying that God would continue to enrich our lives with amazing experiences.