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There’s an exceptional feeling on Friday afternoons, having finished off a good week at work, to come home to the smiling and giggling face of my son who comes bouncing up to the door exactly when it opens. I can honestly say that there has been no better emotion that causes my soul to soar than Jasper’s smiling face when he comes running to me. I suppose that’s how God must feel each time we go running to him.

Life seems to offer a mountain of indecision, and we’re often left wondering what it is that we’re supposed to do. If you’re like me, I’ve often knelt before God and simply asked him what it is that He wants me to do. I find it’s easier to do what’s before me than to listen and wait for God’s direction. But I feel reassured that although we make elaborate plans to do something, it’s God who directs our steps. Careful prayer and petitions to God are important steps, but so is trusting God to lead you in His ways.

I have a written test through the Public Service Commission tomorrow. It’s the Level 1 General Competency Test which is aimed at screening candidates for the next hiring stage. I’m rather lukewarm about it; I have a sincere desire to teach, but this opportunity with the federal government is also one that could provide a lot of job security. Again, I’m relying on God for His guidance, and I know that taking the test is simply trusting that He’s got all things in His grip; all I need to do is follow Him.


As the title clearly explains, I finally have a job to go to in the mornings. Yes, the drought is over. Having waited what seemed like an eternity, and after kicking myself for turning down work two months ago, I am now so thankful for simply some work and a paycheque for my efforts. I know that God had provided for me and my family throughout this time, and He has shaped me in ways that I can’t articulate fully.

I start tomorrow morning and it feels nice to have work to look forward to, along with the lunches that I’ll have to pack and the mid-morning coffee snacks. I’m sure it’ll be terribly busy tomorrow, getting people’s names, understanding the functions of the job, and getting used to the pace of work.

I met the husband of Suz’s friend today, and he’s been experiencing the same unemployment problems I’ve been suffering from. Frustration, slight depression, disbelief, discouragement, anxiety and worry, not to mention a whole bunch of other emotions and psychological stabs. To make matters worse, he’s a new arrival to Canada from Turkey, and he thinks his English isn’t good enough. I completely disagreed with him, and, not just to compliment him, but to really tell him that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his English. He presents himself in a very professional manner, and he speaks precisely and thoughtfully. The only dilemma he has is the so-called “Canadian” experience, which is a reality for most new arrivals. I have a lot of faith that he’ll find work soon, although it may not be in his field or at the best salary level. But the work will give him a boost of confidence and opportunity to learn more.

Today is also my wife’s birthday, so the prospect of a job comes at an opportune time. It’s so nice to be able to celebrate her birthday together, to spend a beautiful morning at the park, to take pictures of her that will bear memories of this special time in our lives forever. She is such a beautiful person in so many ways, and I’m thankful that God has joined us together. I don’t know how I could have survived this time without her support (though I’m sure God knows that, too). She is truly a blessing from above.

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