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It’s such an age-old desire, on par with perhaps lust or quests. Wanting to know the future outcome of our lives is always with us. Sometimes it slows down, sometimes we forget to want; other times we search wholeheartedly and without end.

I want to know lots of things. I’d love to know what’s going to happen in a year’s time when I graduate from Teachers’ College. I’d really like to know if I’d actually get a job, and where that job might be. I’d really, really love to know if our lives endup the way we think they’ll end up–or not.

But behind all that desiring is an unhealthy lack of faith in God. Basically, if the God that saved you and the God that has kept you for this day, for this entry in the blog, then it’s the same God that will keep you for your life, whatever the outcome.

Many of worry about work, about the daily affairs of our lives. We worry about bills and unexpected expenses. We worry about our health and family. God’s reassurance to us is that He’s got it under control, and He completely and utterly knows what our lives will amount to. So instead of desiring to know all the time, we might as well abide in the One who saves and blesses us, and trust that we are safe as long as we remain in Him.

As I read this evening with my wife, “The Whats of our future are defined by the Who of eternity.”


This was a recent comment: “I just want to thank you for putting this up. I am dealing with so much and I felt like completely giving up. I typed in “What am I supposed to do now God,” and it led me straight to you. Thank you.”

I don’t write these posts for glory, nor do I write it for praise. The neatest thing about this blog is that anywhere in the world, at anytime, some one’s going through a difficult situation and is online looking for a clue. Don’t we all do that at some point? If it’s not actually typing in the key words, “What am I supposed to do now God?” it’s something else. Computer games. Stock tips. Beauty tips. Fashion. Entertainment. Scripture verses. Other people. Save our time. Save our money. Save our environment. Save ourselves.

Last Sunday’s service at church was a great one, with several people baptised at a special service. The pastor at the end talked about living by faith and not by sight, and how our lives tend to miss out on things when we live by sight. It’s such an important verse, I think, because I can see how limited I feel when I live by sight. As well, I can see how rich my life became when I lived by faith.

Deciding to put my hands in Christ was a step in faith, and I have never been better off than I have since making that decision. So it excites me to think of what God’s going to do with my life tomorrow, the next month, the next year. It’s not easy to live by faith, that I know. When you’ve got a young boy and a wife to support, I’m often quicker to look at what’s in front of me than to live trusting in the one who saved me. I’m more often to search the Internet for advice on investing than I am to search for tips on how to pray more effectively.

If we live by faith, we can, and will be, surprised. I look forward to the following months of uncertainty. I will enter university again as a mature student, studying Teacher Education, and then enter a job market that’s not necessarily growing. Will I have work at the end of my studies? Will my family be provided for? Tough questions when familyhood is new to you.

But I will write, and hope that you join with me in prayer. The answer to the question, “What am I supposed to do now, God?” is an important question to ask, and I’ve probably asked it every day. God’s got the answers; all we need to do is listen to his voice, through prayer and scripture.

“In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.”  Proverbs 16:9

Looking at the Word Press stats, I noticed that someone had typed in the search terms, “What am I suppose (sic) do (sic)?”  I found it extremely interesting that someone had that thought in their mind, and how they ended up at my site. The Internet seems to be the perfect extension of our thought-life, reaching out to sites from a few simple search terms.

So what am I supposed to do? Have you ever asked God? Of course you have. And what did He say?

Well, if you’re like me, there was probably a lot of silence, a lot of waiting, and a lot of wondering. Often, the wondering got blurred with doubt, so asking God what I was supposed to do ended up as, God, I doubt I should do this.

I know that it takes a lot of discipline to wait for God to act in your life. If you’re unemployed and you think you’re absolutely employable, waiting for HR managers to call can seem horrendously painful. What makes it worse is the fact that sometimes we can’t “hear.” Listening for God is an essential part of Christian life, but it doesn’t always involve an audible voice (I’ve never, ever had that happen…yet), or a miraculous sign (again, never happened to me). Sometimes it means prayerfully considering the situation, waiting, listening, and then trusting that God’s going to direct your steps as you take them.

I think it’s so clear in Scriptures to know that each step is from the Lord: “In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.”  Psalm 16:9 

Wondering which way to go? Pray. Ask your Christian friends. Read up on it. Mine the Bible. Pour out your considerations before God. And then step forward in faith, knowing that He’s got each and every one of your steps in His power.

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