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It’s such an age-old desire, on par with perhaps lust or quests. Wanting to know the future outcome of our lives is always with us. Sometimes it slows down, sometimes we forget to want; other times we search wholeheartedly and without end.

I want to know lots of things. I’d love to know what’s going to happen in a year’s time when I graduate from Teachers’ College. I’d really like to know if I’d actually get a job, and where that job might be. I’d really, really love to know if our lives endup the way we think they’ll end up–or not.

But behind all that desiring is an unhealthy lack of faith in God. Basically, if the God that saved you and the God that has kept you for this day, for this entry in the blog, then it’s the same God that will keep you for your life, whatever the outcome.

Many of worry about work, about the daily affairs of our lives. We worry about bills and unexpected expenses. We worry about our health and family. God’s reassurance to us is that He’s got it under control, and He completely and utterly knows what our lives will amount to. So instead of desiring to know all the time, we might as well abide in the One who saves and blesses us, and trust that we are safe as long as we remain in Him.

As I read this evening with my wife, “The Whats of our future are defined by the Who of eternity.”


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