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It’s Easter weekend here in Canada, and I’m enjoying the first day of holidays by gettingĀ up atĀ 5:30 AM, quick shower, cup of coffee next to me, and writing a blog to remind me of this first holiday weekend as a family in Canada.

As a non-Christian, I never used to see the point of Easter, other than being a holiday to work or play. As a Christian, I see the bigger significance, much greater than Christmas, I think, in that the death and resurrection are equally and arguably greater than the birth of Jesus. Without his death on the cross, our sins would not have been taken upon Him, and without His resurrection, Jesus would not have been the person who He claimed to be: the Son of God.

Now without getting too theological about everything, I think Easter should drive us to reflect on the price that was paid and the impact of that price in our daily life. It seems paradoxical, doesn’t it? Death so that we may live? Sacrifice so that we gain? Suffering so that we have comfort?

I looked at the stats this morning for my blog and saw, without fail, that someone had come to my blog by typing in “unemploymentworries” or “unemployment depression.” When I saw that, i thought back to my own trials and saw that there are millions around the world without work, who fill their days with hopes and dreams of work (as I did), which can sometimes turn to resentment and depression. With Easter, though, we can see that our days on this planet are numbered, and Jesus’ resurrection redeems our faith so that our own worries are unfounded. Yes, we worry about our lives, and that’s a constant struggle not to worry. Yet, if everything that happened at Easter is true, and if we truly believe that the events around Easter happened, then why don’t we believe Jesus’ words: I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. Are you not more precious to me than those birds who neither toil nor spin, yet I provide for them? What kind of father, when asked for bread, would give his son a stone?

God hears us. Sometimes what we think of as silence is merely our own noise that drowns out His voice. Be still. Look. Seek His will. Be blessed by the search.

Happy Easter!


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